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EasyPACK 1B, 8 mΩ halfbridge module implementing the new CoolSiC Automotive MOSFET 1200V, NTC temperature sensor and PressFIT contact technology. With the full automotive qualifiion, the field of appliions for CoolSIC is now extended to high voltage automotive appliions with high efficiency and switching frequency requirements, such as HV/HV DC-DC step-up converters, multiphase

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A modular solar PV based DC-DC converter using parallel boost converter with active filter of the proposed system is simulated using MATLAB Simulink program. The waveforms of parallel boost converter voltage and MLI filtered output voltage is shown in Figures 18 and 19 .

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High-Purity Silicon Carbide Technology Platform for SiC Power Devices August 16, 2017 by Paul Shepard Pallidus, Inc. today announced its proprietary M-SiC™ material and technology platform with the capability to deliver cost/performance parity against silicon devices in the $12.5 billion power device market, creating the potential for significant market disruption.

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DC disconnect switches are especially designed for PV appliions. The switch technology provides quick, safe, and reliable DC breaking power. HelioProtection Surge-Traps Surge protection devices to mate with AC disconnect switches in photovoltaic systems

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TND6318/D 4 Housekeeping DC−DC Converter Implemented two switch fly−back converter controlled by NCP1252 controller provides insulated 15 V at its output, up to 30 W maximum. This voltage is used as a main power source for all low

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Keywords: Isolated DC/DC Converter, Silicon Carbide, High-Frequency, CLLC Converter Evaluation and Design of a SiC-Based Bidirectional Isolated DC/DC Converter Alex Chu Abstract Galvanic isolation between the grid and energy storage unit is typically

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11/7/2014· Silicon Carbide multiport DC-DC converter fitted to the Tata Vista EV. Click to enlarge. A consortium led by motorsport and technology company Prodrive has successfully run a silicon carbide-based multiport DC-DC converter in an electric car. The converter controls power flow between multiple energy sources and has been able to

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Taking a 5 kW LLC DC/DC converter as an example, its power control board weighs 7 kg and has a volume of 8,775 cc when using Si IGBT (silicon insulated gate bipolar transistor). When SiC MOSFET is used, the weight is sharply reduced to 0.9 kg and the volume is reduced to 1,350 cc.

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Silicon Carbide SiC Multi Storage Systems Redundancy Battery Integrated DC/DC Cells LiCoO 2 Li 4 Ti 5 O 12 LiFePO 4 Temperature SoH SoC Use Modular Batteries Customer Specific Designs DC/DC Converter range 10 kW to 1 MW SiC Converters 50 DC

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Abstract: A high-efficiency isolated bidirectional ac–dc converter is proposed for a 380-V dc power distribution system to control bidirectional power flows and to improve its power conversion efficiency. To reduce the switches’ losses of the proposed nonisolated full

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Highly efficient DC/DC converter for electric and hybrid vehicle appliions Inmotion''s 2nd generation DC/DC converter features a robust design, a wide range of input voltages and, with an adjustable secondary voltage for 12 and 24V systems, it is ideal for hybrid

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See the Designs DER-875Q - Driving ABB Automotive SiC MOSFET Module with SCALE-iDriver for SiC 98.2% efficient 50 mW no-load input power Comprehensive hard-wired protection Single-wire fault reporting Integrated current sensing From Our CEO PI CEO Balu Balakrishnan explains how PI is leading the way in the evolution from IGBT to silicon carbide with SiC SCALE-iDriver gate driver ICs.

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innolectric offers solutions to charge both AC and DC in stationary and mobile appliions. A key advantage is high power density with an efficiency rate of more than 98%, a benefit of using innovative silicon carbide semiconductor technology.

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This isolated dc-dc converter product (the VI-100) not only pioneered the brick format, it applied zero-current switching and active-clamp reset circuits to achieve its high power density. 1988 — Introduced the first half-brick at 50 W/in 3 .

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14/3/2017· Wolfspeed launches a new silicon carbide MOSFET for EV inverters Posted March 14, 2017 by Charged EVs & filed under Features , Tech Features . Wide Bandgap (WBG) semiconductor technologies have attracted a lot of attention and research funding in the past decade.

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ON Semiconductor NVBG020N120SC1 N-Ch Silicon Carbide MOSFETs use a technology that provides superior switching performance and higher reliability. The NVBG020N120SC1 MOSFETs implement higher efficiency, faster operation frequency, increased …

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DC-DC Linear Voltage Regulators, Switching Regulators, LDOs and Charge Pumps Linear Low Dropout Regulator LDO Microchip''s linear low dropout LDO regulators feature ultra-low quiescent current, ultra-low dropout voltage, ultra-high ripple rejection, very accurate output, fast transient response, wide selection of packages and wide input voltage range.

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The thermal behavior of the Wolfspeed C3M0030090K and C3M0065090D Silicon Carbide MOSFETs is included for this topology using the PLECS Thermal domain. A dual active bridge is a bidirectional DC-DC converter with identical primary and secondary side full-bridges, a high frequency transformer, an energy transfer inductor and DC-link capacitors.

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DC-DC CONVERTER USING SILICON CARBIDE SCHOTTKY DIODE Y.S. Ravikumar Research scholar, faculty of TE., SIT., Tumkur and Research Scholar of Dr. MGR University, Chennai-95 Abstract — Silicon carbide (SiC) is the perfect cross between

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However, if the OBC or DC-DC converter isn’t efficient enough, consumers lose the gains brought on by new charging technologies. Car manufacturers must also make these modules smaller and lighter, which explains why wide bandgap semiconductors, like Silicon Carbide MOSFETs, are so important.

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Silicon Carbide Devices in High Efficiency DC-DC Power Converters for Telecommuniions Rory Brendan Shillington A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy In Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch

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Figure 12: 1000 Hour DC-DC converter burn-in results using 2 each EPC1001 GaN transistors at 40oC aient and 10A Intermediate device results are shown in figures 9, 10, and 11. As can be seen, tested devices are stable after 1000 hour stresses of the gate, the drain-source, and when exposed to high humidity with bias.

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Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride Power Technology How2Power’s SiC and GaN Power Technology section brings you news of SiC and GaN developments along with related design information, supplier data, book reviews, and technology roadmaps. In this

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ZVS Resonant Full Bridge Converter using 1200V SiC MOSFETs,” Power Conversion Intelligent Motion (PCIM), Nureerg, Germany, May 2014. [3] J. Liu and K.L. Wong, “Silicon Carbide (SiC) 10 kW Interleaved Boost Converter Achieves 99.1% 2012.

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This paper presents the appliion of Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices in a high-frequency LLC resonant DC/DC converter. With high switching frequencies, the leakage inductance of the LLC transformer can be used as the resonant inductor, resulting in 50% reduction in volume and weight, and 30% decrease in power loss of the magnetic components at 500kHz and 6.6kW/400V output.