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Effect of thermal-mechanical processing on microstructure and mechanical properties of duplex-phase Mg-8Li-3Al-0.4Y alloy Hong-bo DING, Qiang LIU, Hai-tao ZHOU, Xiao ZHOU, Andrej ATRENS 2587 Wear behaviour of hot rolled AZ31B magnesium alloy as

AZ31Mg(OH) 2

2019-8-14 · ,,,. AZ31Mg(OH) 2 [J]. , 2020, 35(6): 709-716. WANG Zhihu,ZHANG Jumei,BAI Lijing,ZHANG Guojun. Mg(OH) 2 Film on Micro-arc Oxidation Ceramic Coating of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy: Preparation and Corrosion Resistance[J]. ]. Journal of Inorganic Materials, 2020, 35(6): 7

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2020-6-16 · 7. Emerging Appliions Using Magnesium Alloy Powders: A Feasibility Study Rajiv Tandon, Deepak Madan. 8. Isothermal Hydrogenation Kinetics Study of Magnesium Hydride with TiH 2 Additive Jingzhu Li, Peng Fan, Chengshang Zhou, Z. Zak Fang. 9. Magnesium Electrorefining in Non-Aqueous Electrolyte at Room Temperature

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Abstract Commercially pure aluminum and aluminum blended with 50 vol.% and 75 vol.% of the intermetallic Mg 17 Al 12 compound feedstock powders were successfully deposited onto as cast AZ91D magnesium substrate using a cold spray process that was employed at low working gas pressure and temperature. The microstructure, mechanical performance and corrosion resistance properties of the …

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2020-8-19 · Magnesium Aluminum Zinc Alloys are a common type of heat-treatable commercial alloy often used in structural components and metallurgical coatings due to their light weight and high resistance to corrosion. American Elements manufactures magnesium aluminum zinc in varying ratios such as high magnesium (96% Mg, 3% Al, 1% Zn (magnesium AZ31B), and 93% Mg 6% Al, 1% Zn (magnesium …

2014-10-8 · 2 Experimental The rolled AZ31B magnesium alloy plates with a thickness of 3 mm were cut into the required size (150 mm × 150 mm) by machining process. The chemical composition and mechanical properties of AZ31B magnesium alloy sheet are presented in Tables 1 and 2, respectively.

Improvement of Fatigue Properties of AZ31B Extruded

Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale encompasses the broad topic of structural integrity, which is based on the mechanics of fatigue and fracture, and is concerned with the …

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Abstract: Joining Mg to Al is challenging because of the deterioration of mechanical properties caused by the formation of intermetallic compounds (IMCs) at the Mg/Al interface.This study aims to improve the mechanical properties of welded samples by preventing the fracture loion at the Mg/Al interface. Friction stir welding was performed to join Mg to Al at different rotational and travel

[28] ZHUANG J J, SONG R G, XIANG N, et al. Effect of current density on microstructure and properties of PEO ceramic coatings on magnesium alloy[J]. Surface Engineering, 2017, 33(10):744-752. [29] LU J P, CAO G P, QUAN G F, et al. Effects of voltage on microstructure and corrosion resistance of micro-arc oxidation ceramic coatings formed on KBM10 magnesium alloy[J].

Biocorrosion resistance of coated magnesium alloy by

Abstract. The key to use magnesium alloys as suitable biodegradable implants is how to adjust their degradation rates. We report a strategy to prepare biocompatible ceramic coating with improved biocorrosion resistance property on AZ91D alloy by microarc oxidation (MAO) in a silie--K 2 ZrF 6 solution with and without Ca(H 2 PO 4) 2 additives. The microstructure and biocorrosion of coatings

Microstructure and properties of microarc oxidation coating

【】:In this work, microarc oxidation(MAO) technology was used to form oxide ceramic coating on the surface of aluminum alloy. The coined additives nano-TiO_2 and nano-ZnO were added into the silie electrolyte, and the effect of the compound nano-additive on microstructure and properties of MAO coating was investigated.

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In the case of magnesium, different strain rates can also lead to different modes of deformation. Referring to Figure 3, which shows some measured stress-strain curves for AZ31B magnesium alloy compressed at 300°C, higher strain rates cause significant work hardening to …

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2019-10-18 · Toscano D, Shaha SK, Behravesh B, Jahed H, Williams B, Effect of forging on the low cycle fatigue behavior of cast AZ31B alloy, Materials Science & Engineering: A, 706, 2017, 136 - 149 Karparvarfard A, Shaha S, Behravesh B, Jahed H, Williams B, Microstructure, texture, and mechanical behavior characterization of hot forged cast ZK60 magnesium

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MgYNdZrGd magnesium alloy plate WE94 Billet or Plate, US $ 50.

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In this study, an AZ31 magnesium alloy plate was processed by constrained groove pressing (CGP) under three deformation cycles at temperatures from 503 to 448 K. The process resulted in a homogeneous fine grain microstructure with an average grain size of 1.8 μm. The as-processed microstructure contained a high fraction of low-angle grain


Effect of welding speed on microstructural characteristics and tensile properties of GTA welded AZ31B magnesium alloy V. SUBRAVEL, G. PADMANABAN, V. BALASUBRAMANIAN 2776 Dry sliding wear behavior of stir cast AA6061-T6/AlN p composite 2785

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Coatings prepared by different electrolyte additives were investigated on AZ31 magnesium alloy by plasma electrolytic oxidation. In this study, scanning electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction analysis were employed to assess the morphologies, chemical and phase compositions of the plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) coatings, respectively.

The effects of NaF concentration on electrochemical and

The effects of NaF concentration on electrochemical and corrosion behavior of AZ31B magnesium alloy in a composite electrolyte Jing Xu,a Qiaoling Yang,a Muhammad Sufyan Javed,bc Youlai Gong,a Muhammad Kashif Aslama and Changguo Chen*a Electrochemical and corrosion behavior of AZ31B magnesium alloy have been investigated using

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Inconel 600 is a nonmagnetic nickel-chromium alloy with excellent resistance to oxidation and other forms of high temperature corrosion. This alloy also has excellent mechanical properties and presents desirable coination of high strength

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During anodization of the AZ31B magnesium alloy in alkaline-silie electrolyte solution, the addition of a proprietary organic additive resulted in the decrease of the breakdown potential. MgO was the main crystalline phase constituent of the AZ31B magnesium alloy along with Mg and MgSiO3 impurities.

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2017-4-18 · Magnesium''s principal use is as an alloying additive to aluminium. Magnesium, in its purest form, can be compared with aluminium, and is strong and light, so it is used in several high volume part manufacturing appliions, including automotive and truck components and in particular high-grade car wheels of magnesium alloy, called "mag wheels".

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The Effect of Initial Grain Size on Formability of AZ31B

The goal of this work was to investigate formability of AZ31B magnesium alloy during incremental equal channel angular pressing (I-ECAP). Square billets were processed using different routes of I-ECAP at temperatures varying from 125 °C to 250 °C. The billets were obtained from commercially available coarse-grained, hot-extruded rod and fine-grained, hot-rolled plate.

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The magnesium atom has a radius of 160 pm and a Van der Waals radius of 173 pm. Magnesium was discovered by Joseph Black in 1775 and first isolated by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1808. Magnesium is the eighth most abundant element in the earth''s crust and the fourth most common element in …

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2020-4-14 · 2100) was used to evaluate the tribological properties of the above Mg alloy composites under oil lubriion conditions. Pin specimens, having 5mm diameter and 10mm length, were machined from the extruded Mg alloy composites. The conventional AZ31B and ADC12 (die-cast Al-12wt%Si) alloys were used as the reference materials, and also