hs code for calcined petroleum coke in botswana

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2020-5-12 · DGFT lays down procedure for alloion of quota for import of (i) Calcined Pet Coke (CPC) (0.5 million MT per annum) for use in Aluminium Industry and (ii) Raw Pet coke (1.04 mill DGFT amends import policy and policy condition of Gold (Other unwrought form) classified under HSN 71081200 under ITC (HS), 2017 Schedule-I (Import policy)

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2016-4-24 · Argentina. ISO Alpha-2 Code: AR. Part I: List of articles prohibited as imports (or in transit) or admitted conditionally Section I Live animals; animal products. Chapter 1. Live animals See Part II, 1.7.. Heading. HS Code. 01.02-01.04 01.03. Prohibited articles Live tle, genetic matter (seed, ova and eryos) and animal products (sheep, bovines and goats). See Part II, 1.3.


However, materials classified within the same heading may be used provided their value does not exceed 50% of the ex-works price of the product 2713 Petroleum coke, petroleum bitumen and other residues of petroleum oils or of oils obtained from bituminous materials Operations of refining and/or one or more specific process(es)

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2020-3-19 · Council Decision (EU) 2019/1319 of 25 June 2019 on the position to be taken on behalf of the European Union within the EPA Committee established under the Interim Agreement establishing a framework for an Economic Partnership Agreement between the Eastern and Southern Africa States, on the one part, and the European Community and its Meer States, on the other part, as regards the …

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2018-12-15 · CUSTOMS TARIFF ACT 1987 [Note: This Act is "repealed" by Act No. 147 of 1995] (#DATE 6:7:1995) Compilation Information - Updated as at 6 July 1995

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2020-4-29 · Á â– un Á â– fishing $ Á â– change % Á â– 27 ç& Á â– code u+ Á â– small L- Á ¾5Á â– Right ʾ5Á â– faith ¿5Á -21 ­¿5Á Table \Â5Á â– HS Ã5Á â– goals Ä5Á â– Strategy pÄ5Á â– AB Å5Á â– preservation ñÅ5Á â– pollutants È5Á â– 1580/2007 ÷È5Á â


2015-3-9 · hs code commodity short description estimated value italy petroleum coke, calcined bolivia petroleum coke, not calcined fertilizers, nesoi ships'' or boats'' propellers and blades therefor coluia grain international inc botswana wood marquetry and inlaid wood; caskets and cases for jewelry or cutlery and similar articles, of wood


2019-12-20 · HS code Kod HS Storage place Miejsce składowania Date of birth Data urodzenia Botswana Ziabwe countryId countryName AD Andorra AE United Arab Emirates AF Afghanistan AG Antigua and Barbuda AI IMDG_1267_9550 / III / PETROLEUM CRUDE OIL IMDG_1267_9549 / II / PETROLEUM CRUDE OIL

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Reporting lags understate the totals for recent years. Click here for reporting-lag adjusted statistics.

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2020-6-4 · Regulation (EU) 2016/1076 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June 2016 applying the arrangements for products originating in certain states which are part of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States provided for in agreements establishing, or leading to the establishment of, economic partnership agreements (recast)


2015-11-18 · 1 130366 402 129964 130768. 2 146459 575320-428861 721779. 3 66110 75911-9801 142021. 4 249 0 249 249. 5 356 0 356 356. 6 11057 4727 6330 15784. 7 …

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COUNCIL OF Brussels, 19 March 2008. THE EUROPEAN UNION. 7505/08 ADD 2. ACP 34 WTO 44 COLAT 7 RELEX 169. COVER NOTE. from: Secretary-General of the European Commission, signed by M

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2020-3-4 · BOTSWANA BW Baths, shower-baths and wash-basins, of plastics Lavatory seats and covers of plastics Coke and semi-coke of coal, of lignite or of peat; whether or not agglome For motor vehicles of HS code 8704.2111, 8704.2112, 8704.2121 & 8704.2131 Used trucks (pick-up spark ignition) with double space cabin, gvw <=5 tons

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Condensing Gas Fired Boiler Forerunnner. Our industrial steam boilers can be divided into biomass-fired industrial steam boilers, oil-fired industrial steam boilers and coal-fired industrial steam boilers depending on the medium inside the tubes.


2020-4-29 · â– the ÚR5À â– of ýNRÀ , ± WÀ . ÇžfÀ â– to “ÖsÀ â– and † uÀ â– in X, À â– a ¯‰ À â– for ‚á“À â– ( M •À s } ™À â– be ©AœÀ â– is µ œÀ â– on ŸëœÀ ) ’Ö À â– that 1 žÀ - å ¤À â– by ^I¤À â– with ¨†¦À â– or ɉ¦À â– The ''#§À â– ³ ¬À â– as @ê¬À : €É­À â– not ±À â

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2020-1-29 · -,Bold" 0[ ] 3 7 9 10 12 15 1 17 1 18 2 19 2 3 20 3 21 4 23 4 5 69 5 77 79 6 81 6 7 270 7 275 277 8 279 8 9 285 9 286 287-,Bold" 0[ ]-,Bold" 0[ ]-,Bold" 0[ ]-,Bold" 0


2018-11-29 · – 1 – DICTIONARY ILL HIGH FLUX REACTOR 2018-08-16 Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France. 1,1-diethoxyethane FR diethoxyethane-(1,1) 1,2,3-propanetriol FR propanetriol-1,2,3

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Primary (unprocessed) forms of materials refer to metal ores and minerals (HS codes from the chapters HS 25 and HS 26), semi-processed forms belong to HS chapters HS 71-72, HS 74-76, HS 78-81

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2008-12-6 · HS Code 6 Digits Description 8201.10 Spades and shovels 8201.20 Forks 8201.30 Mattocks, picks, hoes and rakes 8201.40 Axes, bill hooks and similar hewing tools 8201.50 Seeurs and similar one-hand ed pruners and shears (including poultry shears) 8201.60 Hedge shears, two-hand ed pruning shears and similar two-hand ed shears 8201.90 Other hand

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01/01/2020: 271311000: Not burned - petroleum coke; (not calcined), obtained from bituminous minerals: China: Sea: Shimizu: 9.00: Metric Tons: 16,244.61: 14 More

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2016-5-4 · ST_5730_2016_ADD_10_EN - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. ADD10 Economic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and its Meer States, of the one part, and the SADC EPA States, of the other part

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U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual An official guide to the form and style of Federal Government printing 2008 Production and Distribution Notes This publiion was typeset electronically using Helvetica and Minion Pro typefaces.